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Tickled Pink

So, for some odd reason, I got the gumption yesterday to share my blog post ‘Confidently Conflicted’ with the author of ‘Until Tuesday’, former Army Captain Luis Carlos Montalván through Facebook. Well guess what…just a few short hours later, he wrote me back. How awesome is it for the author of such a wonderful book to take the time to correspond with me?!

He, of course, thanked me for writing and encouraged me to never compare my personal perception of he’ll with anyone else’s. Here is his response to me:

Dear Melissa ~

Thank you for your thoughtful note.

As you know by now, Until Tuesday was written with the intention of helping service members and veterans, their families, and people with disabilities. Additionally, we hope it will inform the general public of a number of key issues facing these groups. It’s heartening to know that the book touched you so.

Would you post a short review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble? Your note is essentially just that and I believe your feelings would really be helpful to other readers.

Incidentally, please do not compare your own life situation to anyone else. This is frequently done, and it is not fair to compare your life/goals/conditions with anyone else’s. You have every right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. No one is more or less deserving. Period.

By the way, we keep a schedule of events at the website below. We hope to make it to your beautiful land this year or early next year. Needless to say, it would be wonderful to meet you.

With blessings and golden hugs,
Luis & Tuesday

p.s. — We hope the messages of the book and forthcoming major motion picture continue to offer healing and hope to others.

Today, I am just tickled pink!