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Amor Vincit Omnia

Amor Vincit Omnia

I wanted the readers to know that today is my 12-year wedding anniversary with Jason. I wanted to talk about something positive today and share a little bit of us with all of you. We spend alot of time (both of us) talking, writing, disecting the difficulties we go through with PTSD and TBI. But, we are also a real couple who has good times, great times, and a lot of love. And sometimes through all the heartache that is hard to see and even harder to remember to feel.

Tweleve years ago I had no clue that I’d be where I’m at today. I was 20, Jason was 19. All we knew was that we loved each other so much and wanted to be together forever. We wanted to move to California and start our life together, our family. There was no conflict existing at that time. Marines weren’t in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. A few short years later, our lives did change. I wish that I could lift some of the pain from my husband’s heart and mind. But, that is the only thing I wish to change. I wouldn’t give back one moment of our life together because it’s brought us where we are today. Amor Vincit Omnia which means Love Conquers All in Latin. I truly believe this. (Big thanks to my baby sister for sharing her love of the quote with us!). I believe that I am still here, that Jason is still here and that we are still together today because LOVE CONQUERS ALL. We never gave up! Happy anniversary to my one and only love.

Some of my fave pics in this post through the years that I thought the readers would enjoy. We do have good days 🙂