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Need Your Help (Again)

gwizzNEED HELP PLEASE: Yesterday one of our (K9s for Warriors) Warriors entered, with his service dog , A PLUS AUTO IN WATERTOWN, N.Y. The treatment he received was beyond despicable. He was cussed at, told he was faking his injuries, told he was not disabled, told he would be sued if he did not leave.

Justin’s account of events:

Auto in Watertown NY is blacklisted from my books. I will never come back here again. I walk in and they say nothing and proceed to start the process to put on a tow hitch. Then two guys go out of ear shot to discuss my “pet”. They come back and say we cannot serve you unless your pet leaves and goes on about they can get sued for allergies. They then told me that they would sue me if they were ever sued for dog related allergies. The guy said “well look here, I’m a retired first sgt and I think your a fucking liar and I’m a disgrace to all veteran because a guy with no kegs can live without a service dog but since you can’t get the fucking sand out of your vagina you need an excuse to bring a dog into my place of business ” and mumbled slammed his door and that’s all I heard from him. His sales associate pointed to the sign and asked me to leave. I started to educate them and one of them says. There is nothing wrong with you so if your not blind then your dog has to leave. I sat down and they haven’t approached me after I put them in your place. I don’t know what to do now???? I’m no uncomfortable.

This is the worst case of abuse and discrimination we have had to date. Our Warrior Justin is an honored combat veteran suffering from PTSD. We are asking our followers to write, call, notify this establishment that there are laws protecting Justin and his service canine NIKKO. More importantly the treatment he received was UNACCEPTABLE and in direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities act. Justin attempted to show his identification papers for he and NIKKO, and SERVICE CANINE was clearly visible on the vest. All proper procedures were followed.

Thank you, we cannot allow this discrimination, or abuse of anyone, particularly a Combat Veteran. Remember to BE POLITE!!!

INFO: A PLUS AUTO, 533 LeRay, Watertown, N.Y. 13601, 315-788-5555, or email, gwizz@twcny.rr.com or on their Facebook page. They also have a location at AAFES on Ft Drum, NY.

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  1. I totally believe that a former mil person would say some shit like that, also you can’t be held liable for dog dander, at least not to my knowledge. Whats worse is this kinda behavior by the public – to a veteran no less – will only further exacerbate whatever issues we might be going through already. This is no quick fix- no simple ‘oh he didn’t mean it’

    About someone like a general or lt col saying he/she has PTSD, one need only look as far as our SEALs http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/15412/TX/US/ This vet- had a therapy dog! Till 2 rednecks shot his dog– then he chased them through a few towns with the police on the phone.

    Personally I have been trying to attain a service dog for my PTSD and the VA has repeatedly denied infact going so far as to tie a red-flag in my VA file. All I want is the VA backing up the ADA… Well I finally found out the ADA and VA are like cookies and cancer totally different laws and rules to hold to– the ADA covers you everywhere.. even airborne. The VA however runs under Rehabilitation Code 504, So basically you can have no guff from anyone till you get to federal property (thanks for serving)

    You don’t need the VA to sign off — but it super helps when backing up your case judicially and even in off the cuff cases like this.. it just screams/official where as the ADA does not require much of anything outside of a task being performed.

    email me — gilligan.james at rocketmail dot com

    March 24, 2013 at 5:02 pm