Our Lives With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury

Suicide AAR.


The military loves to conduct after-action reports, hoping that whatever problems arose during an operation or exercise can be studied and prevented the next time. (The Army even has an outfit that calls itself the Center for Army Lessons Learned.)

So why should the scourge of suicide be any different? The Pentagon recently released its annual report on suicides. After it did, I posted about the history of psychological autopsies and the evolution of the Army Suicide Event report into the DoD Suicide Event report.

Let’s conduct our own AAR on the report to see what lessons can be gleaned:

Finding: Service Members most frequently used firearms to end their lives (60% for all firearms, 49% for non-military issue firearms), or hanging (20%).

Implication: the current discussion about gun violence is highly relevant for suicide prevention.
Finding: most Service Members did not communicate their potential for…

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